Yeti from a cave he looks tasty
Gender Male
Faction Good
Health 1 Life
Level All
Game(s) Icy Cave

Yetis are the main characters in the game Icy Cave.


Yetis have pink feet with three toes. They have a pink mouth and nose as well as black eyes. Yetis are covered and purple fur and have round bodies.

Game informationEdit

Yetis can be moved left or right by clicking on the yeti and applying pressure to the left mouse button and moving the mouse cursor to the left or right to make the yeti move in that direction. Pressing the f key will make yeti's movements speed up and clicking on the yeti again will make them stop. Yetis can activate Switches by standing on them and fling another yeti into the air by getting on the raised end of a seesaw. At the end of the game it is possible that yetis in icy cave were actually a movie since it shows a yeti watching a TV screen. Though it is just as possible that once a freed yeti got into it's house that it sat down and watched TV.